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Make the most of your business data with our expert Power BI training. Our team will guide you through the steps to better understand and become confident in using Power BI on a daily basis. Our team has extensive experience in helping organisations on their Power BI journey and has developed a set of Power BI workshops and training courses that will help you and your business make better use of your data. We provide training, and can also help set up Power BI to get you up and running in no time.

Power BI – What, Who How? (1x 2 hour workshop)

How could Power BI fit into your business's strategy? - Who needs information, and how will they interact with it? - Pros and cons of Power BI when it comes to different types of users and their specific requirements? - How data should be used (and the difference between Reporting Services and Power BI) - Licensing options for the platform - High-level architecture options

Cost: $500 + GST

Power BI Training 1: Making Visualisations and Dashboards (2-4 hr training course)

This course provides an overview of Power BI to business users and focuses on how users can leverage Power BI's key data visualisation and collaboration features. Topics covered: - Introduction and overview of Power BI - Power BI Desktop - Importing, visualising and publishing - Exploration of data sources

Cost: $1,700 + GST

Power BI Training 2: Visualisations and Dashboards (4-8 hr training course)

This is an intermediate course that provides training on some of the more advanced features of Power BI for the advanced business user. Topics covered: - Detailed exploration of commonly used visualisations - Organising and constraining data in visualisations - Creating useful measures and metrics

Cost: $3,500 + GST

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