WorkflowMax is a fully customisable project management software. We can work with you to set up this cloud-based application for your business to allow for simple job costing, quoting, time tracking, invoicing, and reporting all in the same space! WorkflowMax integrates with Xero, this means reduced admin time with no double handling of data. WorkflowMax brings all your business’s projects together in one place by providing a solution that works around your unique business needs.

WorkflowMax for Beginners (1x 2 hour workshop)

Find out what makes WorkFlowMax, your business automation expert of choice, stand out from the crowd by taking this workshop. Join our product experts for a tour setup process of WorkFlowMax, review, and get introduced to all modules – including integration with accounting software. Find out which pricing model would fit your business budget and when to start implementing WorkFlowMax in your organisation.

$500 + GST

WorkflowMax Training 1: (2-4 hr training course)

Learn how workflowmax can help you streamline processes and make smarter decisions with time-saving features. This detailed training course is designed to give you a solid understanding of how Workflowmax can enhance your productivity. We’ll cover the basics, get you up and running quickly, as well as introduce advanced features that will help your business thrive. Topics covered: - Introduction and overview of WorkFlowMax - Quoting and Invoicing - Scheduling and Time Tracking - Reporting -

$1700 + GST

WorkflowMax Training 2: (4-8 hr training course)

This is an intermediate course that provides training on some of the more advanced features of WorkflowMax for the advanced business user. Our product experts will show you how to make the most out of your WorkflowMax subscription with an in-depth tutorial of all of the features, integrations with other software, and demonstrate how to produce advanced reports and analytics.

$3,500 + GST

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